This powerchair is strong, well-travelled and well-used almost daily mainly out-of-doors. It has been maintained regularly by Lewis Mobility Portsmouth and is in very good working order. Bought 2008.

The superficial appearance needs attention; it has many marks and scratches on the red bodywork and has scuffs on the backrest.

The "Turnabout" feature means that the chair can swivel on its chassis so that the back wheels come to the front. This is useful for climbing steepgradients or tackling uneven surfaces - excellent at pop festivals and other country pursuits. It also comes fitted with a hoist -bar to enable it to be loaded into a car. NB You cannot turnabout when the hoist-bar is in place.
It comes with its own charger and can be driven for approx 6 - 10 miles on a full charge. This depends, of course, on the terrain and the weight of the driver.

The low selling price is based on the condition of the bodywork. Buyer collects please.

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