What is an ‘Advertile’?

An advertile is a tile or box that is displayed on various pages across our website. Advertiles can be purchased by anyone who wishes to promote their services on our website.

How much do Advertiles cost?

Standard advertiles cost £26.00 for 6 months (just £1 per week ). You can purchase priority advertiles that will be displayed on specific pages with these costing from as little as £6.00 for 6 months (just 23p per week).

How do I purchase an ‘Advertile’?

Advertiles can be purchased quickly and easily by choosing ‘Create an Advertile’ from the links in the left hand menu of each page. You will need to pay for your advertile via our PayPal checkout process before your advertile goes live.

How long will my advertile be displayed on the website?

Advertiles last 6 months on our website. We will remind you via email when your advertile is due to expire.