Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we aim to answer the most popular questions or queries that we have been asked about the Disability Equipment Service. If, after reading through these FAQ’s, you still haven’t had your question answered, please ‘contact us’ and we’ll happily help.

Am I being scammed?

We are aware that some customers who use our site have been contacted by scammers (people who are not genuine buyers). We are doing as much as we can from this end to prevent scamming attacks via our website and are now able to block most attempts made by email, however, we’re unable to prevent scams that are sent directly to customers via text message unless we implement an expensive SMS screening system or remove telephone contact from our site (neither of which are very practical for our service).

Although the content of scamming emails and texts may vary, we have been made aware of several attempts that are very similar. So, if you receive a communication from a buyer that reads “Is this item still for sale? If so, then please email me at” or similar (they usually want to continue communication via email) then please proceed with extreme caution or ignore it.

Some people who did respond have then received an email telling of a story about working offshore and wanting to buy for a family member or a similar story usually asking for the item to be couriered (which they will reimburse). This is quickly followed by a PayPal email stating that payment (for both the item and courier cost) is pending. This PayPal email is fake but looks genuine. Further correspondence states that the pending transaction will clear once you have paid the money to a Western Union account for the courier.

We are pleased that, as far as we’re aware, no-one has parted with any money but some people have considered it genuine due to the clever nature of the process.

We are reporting all scamming attacks to ‘Action Fraud’ and suggest that you do the same quoting the DES reference number: NFRC170801988368.

The scammer names that we are aware of are:

  • Anna Jose
  • Peggy Morrison
  • William William
  • Richard John
  • Vaughn Richard
  • Anna Lin
  • Lida Carter
  • Paul Maier
  • Mr Attwenger Andree
  • Latayea Cuthbertson
  • Mrdmann
  • Phil Bloom

All of the above have used gmail emails that normally have the format of first name, surname, number For example: or

Please do be aware that these are not exhaustive lists and future scammers may use other names, email addresses or other means of getting you to part with money or information.

If you have any questions regarding scamming or feel that you might have been contacted by one, then please don’t hesitate to ‘contact us’.

What happens if I click on ‘List Item For Sale’?

The ‘List Item For Sale’ link will take you to the area of the site where you can list your item for sale, for free or for a donation. The process is very simple and there is hints and tips along the way to ensure that you complete the fields appropriately. You will list your item as a guest (no need to register) and you can list several items at the same time making listing multiple items quick and easy.

I’m looking for a piece of equipment, how do I find what I’m looking for?

We have provided several ways to help you find the equipment you are looking for. From our home page, you can use the ‘Quick Search’ to find items by keyword. Items listed on our site that contain your keyword will then be shown on the results page. You can either view your results at this point or refine your search using the Advanced Search feature. This enables you to search by postcode or county and by category, listing type and condition. If you would like to go straight to the ‘Advanced Search’, just click on ‘Buy’ from the left hand menu on any page or ‘Advanced Search’ on the home page.

What is a ‘Regular Lister’?

Formerly known as ‘Members’, our ‘Regular Listers’ area has been created for organisations and individuals that are going to sell equipment on a regular basis. Registration is straight forward and once registered, you’ll not need to complete your personal/organisation details for future listings. Becoming a Regular Lister is now FREE and you’ll be able to list and manage up to 25 items simultaneously without the need to contact us.

How much does it cost to be a Regular Listerr?

Regular Listers can register for FREE and we’ve given all Regular Lister’s 25 listing spaces allowing you to have up to 25 items of equipment for sale at any one time.

I’m a Regular Lister, how do I update my listing status?

You can change your listing’s status at any time by logging in to the Regular Lister’s area. Once you log in, you will go to the Regular Lister’s area which displays all of your ‘Open’ listings and all of your ‘Archived’ listings. Open the item that you would like to change the status of and change ‘Item Status’, between ‘Open’ and ‘Archived’. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to confirm the change. Items with a status of ‘Open’ will be shown on the public section of the website. Archived items will only be viewable by you in your Regular Lister’s area. This option is available to you in case you wish to re-list this item at a later date.

Do I need to be a Regular Lister to list my item?

No. Our experience from running the Disability Equipment Service has provided us with valuable information about the people that use our site. Many of the people who have used our site in the past have been ‘guest’ users, maybe selling or donating equipment that is no longer suitable or needed due to a family bereavement or relative moving in to residential or nursing care.

Can I list several items but not be a Regular Lister ?

Yes, this is a feature that we have incorporated in our site. As a guest, you can now add multiple items during the listing process. All items that you add will be linked to and display the contact details you provide during the first step of the listing process.

How will my contact details be displayed on the site?

In order for a potential purchaser to get in contact with you, you will need to provide some contact details. In step 1 of the listing process you are able to provide your email address, telephone number and mobile number. Providing an email address isn’t compulsory, however, it will enable us to send you an email to confirm your listing and a reminder when it is due to expire. At this point, you can choose which of these details are used in the ‘Contact Details’ section of your listing but you will need to provide at least one contact option.

For security reasons, your actual email address will not be shown on your listing and instead the purchaser will be able to contact you via an ‘email seller’ button, allowing them to complete an online form which will then be sent direct to you.

How much does listing an item cost?

Good News! Listing items on the Disability Equipment Service is FREE to all users. However, If you find the service useful and would like to support us and give us a donation for using this service, you can do so via the support page.

I don’t want any money for my equipment, what should I do?

Even if you’re not looking to make money on your equipment, we would advise that you try and sell your item before deciding to list it for free or for a donation. If you manage to sell your item, you can then choose to give the proceeds to charity. If you would prefer not to do this, you can list your item as a donation which informs people that you would like a donation for your item. It is up to you to agree a suitable donation sum with the buyer of your item.

I don’t have time to list my item but don’t want to throw it away, what can I do?

We are often contacted by people with equipment they either haven’t the time to sell or room to store. Often this equipment is in perfect order and too good to throw away. If you are one of these people, then please ‘contact us’ and we’ll see what we can do. We have several contacts around the UK that would be happy to take your items and ensure that they end up with someone who will benefit from them. Proceeds from donated equipment goes towards the running costs of the website and we give 25% to our nominated charity, currently Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Can I change my item details?

If you have listed your item as a guest and provided an email address during the listing process, you will have received a confirmation email that has an ‘edit’ link within it. If you click on this link you’ll be taken to a page where you can change the item’s status (open or archive), change the price or update the description of the item. If you need to update the title or change your photo, then you will need to ‘contact us’. If you didn’t leave us an email address, then you will need to ‘contact us’ to make any changes to your listing. If you are a Regular Lister, then you can edit all of the item details in the Regular Lister’s area’ without the need to contact us.

I’m having trouble uploading my photos, what should I do?

The website hosting service that we use prevents us from uploading photos of more than 1mb in size and this is the most likely reason for your photos not uploading. Photos can be resized using free photo editors including Microsoft Paint. If you are not sure how to do this, then you can email them to us. Please include in your email the item ID and your name so that we can ensure that we attach your photos to the correct item.

How long will my item be displayed on your site?

Items listed by guests are displayed for 90 days from the date of listing. Items listed by Regular Lister’s have no individual expiry date and can run for as long as the item is for sale.

If you list your item as a guest (and provide an email address), we will send you reminder emails during your listing period and also send you a reminder email just before your item is due to expire. We do not contact Regular Lister’s by email unless there has been no activity on their account for several months.

What do I do if my item sells before the listing expires?

If you provide an email address when you list your item you will be sent an email confirmation. This email will have a link to your item and also a link that will enable you to edit your item. If you edit your item, you can change the status to ‘Archived’ and then inform us of the reason for this change (sold, given away, etc.) and the listing will be removed from the website. If you are not able to provide an email address you will need to ‘contact us’ to have your listing removed.

Do I have to use the online form in order to list an item?

No. Again, from our experience of running the Disability Equipment Service since 2004, we know that not everyone is comfortable with completing online forms. So, if you would rather not complete the online form, please ‘contact us’ and we’ll discuss alternative ways we can help you list your item. We may request a small donation for telephone or printed form listings.

What is a ‘Wanted’ listing?

A wanted listing is an item that someone is looking for. If you are selling an item, we recommend that you search the wanted listings to see if anyone is looking for a similar item before listing your item for sale.

How do I list a wanted item?

You can add a wanted listing quickly and easily. just click on the ‘List a wanted item’ link in the menu on the left hand side of any page and complete the form and your listing will go live instantly.

How do I search for a wanted item?

Similar to searching for items for sale, you can search for a wanted item using the ‘Keyword Search’ on our home page and this will list all items (for sale and wanted) or you can click on ‘Search for a wanted item’ from the left hand menu on each page and follow the search instructions.

What is an ‘Advertile’?

An advertile is a tile or box that is displayed on various pages across our website. Advertiles can be purchased by anyone who wishes to promote their services on our website.

How much do Advertiles cost?

Standard advertiles cost £26.00 for 6 months (just £1 per week ). You can purchase priority advertiles that will be displayed on specific pages with these costing from as little as £6.00 for 6 months (just 23p per week).

How do I purchase an ‘Advertile’?

Advertiles can be purchased quickly and easily by choosing ‘Create an Advertile’ from the links in the left hand menu of each page. Alternatively, you can create one from here - Create an Advertile. You need to pay for your advertile via PayPal before your advertile goes live.

How long will my advertile be displayed on the website?

Advertiles last 6 months on our website. We will remind you via email when your advertile is due to expire.

Disability Equipment Service

Support the Disability Equipment Service by donating your disability equipment.

The Disability Equipment Service is a website covering the UK which provides members of the public and organisations an opportunity to buy and sell new and used disability equipment.

To help cover the running costs of this service, we accept donated disability equipment* which we collect, clean, repair and then sell. We give 25% of the proceeds to our nominated charity with the remainder going towards the ongoing running costs of the service.

Due to our location, we normally only collect equipment from Surrey and the surrounding counties. However, if you have equipment that you would like to donate we still might be able to accept, or if we're unable to accept, support you with finding someone more locally to you.

* Due to our limited storage we may not be able to accept all items donated to us. In some cases we may request to sell the item in situ (if convenient) or provide you with an alternative organisation that may be able to accept your item.


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