The Sara Plus offers more than just the standard benefits of a normal raising aid, with the advanced patient support features boosting mobility to a far greater degree than any other aid of this type. Due to this, the range of patients who can participate in mobility-activation benefits is expanded, offering the opportunity to improve balance, stepping and walking.

The two striking features of the Sara Plus' innovative design are the Comfort Circle and First-Step System. The Comfort Circle means that just one nurse is needed to help raise a patient in far less time through the efficient lifting mechanism, and so dressing, toileting and transferring can occur stress-free. Furthermore, the First-Step System which utilises the Proactive Pad, a height-adjustable, provides the user with the ability to perform a range of training exercises directly on the floor. Through these aspects of the Sara Plus, the user's quality of life can be enhanced by ensuring the user's current mobility is optimised and that improvements can be made in the future, and due to the electronic raising function of the hoist manual handling can be eliminated from the majority of daily routine tasks.

The Sara Plus comes with Two slings. One unused one hardly used.

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