This is an adaptation of the front passenger seat in our car. The adapted seat can be swivelled out of the car and mounted onto a wheeled chassis. This enables a disabled or less mobile person to be seated into the car without having to stand. The wheeled chassis is detached from the seat and stored in the boot whilst travelling. On arrival, the car seat is swivelled out again and the wheels reattached, so that the passenger can be transported to their destination.

The adaptation was installed in April last year and has only been used a very few times. Everything is in full working order and condition is very good. The original cost was £7870 which included mounting into our Ford C-Max car. I need to sell the car as well as the adaptation and full details can be provided if this is of interest.

The car seat adaptation on its own is fairly heavy and so it would be necessary to arrange courier delivery if needed. Full documentation is available if required.

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