The Invacare Spectra XTR2 has been developed to combine a powerful driving performance with compactness and transportability. The remarkable chair has a sophisticated spring suspension designed to provide a smoother, easier ride when outdoors. Its compact design also makes it ideal for indoor use while the easy to remove battery system makes the Spectra XTR2 extremely quick and simple to service.

The Invacare Spectra XTR2 features a powerful and proficient driving character with a compact, transportable form factor. With clever compact spring suspension and 50Ah batteries as standard, the Spectra XTR2 has an excellent range and is capable even on rough terrain.

The Spectra XTR2 can be quickly and simply dismantled for transportation and storage via a robust mechanism which allows the seat to be removed from the power base. Removable batteries allow the weight of the powerbase to be kept to a minimum.

Transportable by car with ramps or hoist

Includes headrest, swing away elevating padded leg rests, anti tip bars, kerb climber, Removable back rest, Attendant control

Speed 4mph

Seat Width: 44 to 48cm, adjustable
Seat Depth: 41 to 51cm, adjustable
Floor to Seat Height: 45cm
Removable Armrest Height: 27.5 to 34cm, adjustable

Maximum User Weight: 130 kg

Total Length: 120cm approx
Total Width: 62cm
Total Weight: 98 kg

RRP FROM £4,600
Collection from Liverpool UK

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