Think of this as valet service for your wheelchair! This convenient car top wheelchair carrier is an ideal solution for both drivers and passengers who would prefer their wheelchair not take up much-needed seating or storage space in their vehicle.

Once you’ve transferred into your car, the BraunAbility Chair Topper wheelchair carrier for car conveniently lifts and stores your wheelchair in the weatherproof rooftop compartment. And when you’re ready to exit, your wheelchair is retrieved and brought back to ground level at the push of a button! A convenient handheld control operates the folding, lifting and storing of your wheelchair. It takes only 30 seconds to complete the cycle, and your wheelchair (and you!) will be saved from the wear and tear of constant transfers.

A clean solution
Since your wheelchair never touches the interior of your car you don’t have to worry about dirt and mud on your wheels. Inside the Chair Topper’s weatherproof compartment your wheelchair is protected from the elements.

Full seat capacity
The Chair Topper is one of few solutions for bringing a wheelchair along that doesn’t take up seating space or storage space in the vehicle. If you bought a five-seat car it will remain a five-seater even after it’s been adapted with the Chair Topper.

Quick Operation
It only takes 30 seconds to load or retrieve your wheelchair. Getting your wheelchair in or out is super easy, just push the corresponding button on the remote.

One size fits all
The Chair Topper is suitable for use with most car models and makes. The most important being that the car can be fitted with a roof rack. As for wheelchairs, the Chair Topper can take most folding frame models weighing up to 20 kg.

No permanent modification
Since the Chair Topper is mounted using standard roof rack it doesn’t require any permanent modification to your car. Power cables are hidden behind the windshields weather seal and use existing cable channels to enter into the car’s interior. This keeps the resale value of your car and makes it possible to transfer the Chair Topper to your new car.

Listing is for Chair Topper Roofbox Hoist ONLY!

Cost new was about £4000!
Chair Topper Product Features

Convenient option for anyone who uses a foldable, manual wheelchair and can transfer themselves into a vehicle
Accommodates standard folding wheelchairs weight up to 20kg
Molded plastic cover completely seals wheelchair from outside elements
Store your wheelchair without sacrificing passenger or cargo space
Able to operate in tight parking situations
Chair hooks within easy reach of the driver
Since the wheelchair never enters the cabin, your vehicle’s interior is kept clean of debris
Ideal for tight parking as the Chair Topper only needs the width of your wheelchair to complete the transfer

Dimensions – Roof box
Length 1430 mm
Width 1310 mm
Height 460+100* mm
Extension 910 mm
Chain length 1090 mm

*During operation the product extends an additional 10 cm in height.

Dimensions – Wheelchair
Folded height 930 mm
Folded apex height 830 mm
Folded width 350 mm

Lift capacity 20 kg
Unit weight 55 kg

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