This Ludlow 4ft Hi Low bed was purchased by my father, who due to his Parkinson, had great difficulty in getting in and out of bed. He purchased this bed new in March 2018 and found it to be much safer, mainly due the beds ability to raise up and down 18 inches. He also ordered a special mattress which has the edge in a harder foam, which prevented him slipping off the edge of mattress whilst getting in and out of bed.

The bed has separate motors to profile the bed at the head-end or the foot-end and again separate motors to vertically raise the bed up to 18 inches from the starting position. The bed can be raised flat for carers to wash or turn the patient, or it can be used to help the person stand out of the bed like a riser recliner chair, you must be sat on the edge (in the middle section) of the bed, or it can be raised whilst adjusted at the head and foot-end to get a comfortable high position to look out of the window.

• 5 parts adjustable profiling with integral raise and lower facility
• 4 motors (2 for profiling and 2 for lift)
• Vertical rise up to 18 inches from starting point
• Twin On-Line fittings
• Weight adjuster zone lumber section
• Centre belt
• Load bearing points bolted and sleeved

Note: The bed will require dismantling prior to removal and transit to new address.

Below is guidance from supplier.

The bed can be taken apart. Firstly, unplug everything. The mechanism would need to be unbolted from the surround. You would need to lift the foot end and head end to do this. The motors can be taken off first or they can be left on the mechanism. Once the mechanism is out, the bed surround can be taken apart. It's probably best to let the buyer do this so that they know how to reassemble.

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