The Invacare Rea Azalea is a great reclining and tilt in space wheelchair for those wanting maximum comfort and support. Its tilt in space and reclining seat system allows you to alter the seat position to suit the user’s needs. Furthermore, this item comes with a fully adjustable headrest for bespoke comfort and support to the head and neck area. This was an attachment purchased new this year at £500.

The chair itself features a seating system which allows you to alter the position to suit the users needs, adjustable in height width and shape to support a wide range of body shapes.
The Flex 3 backrest on the Rea Azalea is multi adjustable in height, width and shape accommodating and supporting a wide range of body shapes. Its biomechanical positioning hinge follows the users natural back movement when adjusting the backrest angle. Combining this with the tilt function and dual stability system helps to prevent Decubitus thanks to its non-friction re-body positioning.

Offers excellent driving characteristics. It has a small rear wheel for those wanting to be pushed in the chair, which proved highly manoeuvrable in the tight spaces of my mother's care home.

This chair and fully adjustable headrest is in immaculate condition, and it's nearly new. We bought this brand new (c.£3000) for my mother this year, and then she was soon confined to bed, so it was hardly used.

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