About the chair:
Salsa Jive M electric wheelchair 8mph with powered tilt, powered recline, and individual, powered, swing-away leg-raisers. Condition is "Used". Cushion for demonstration purposes only - not included.

This chair was my beloved companion for a time. Better off-road than any other mid-wheel drive I tried, it was just as good on country walks and slightly rough terrain as it was on city streets (though as a mid-wheel drive it isn't suitable for major off-roading). It was confident and powerful getting up kerbs, and the top speed of 8mph meant I could dash across a city street, or run for a bus. It took me from being bed-bound and too fatigued to even sit up, to living independently, working, and I even got married in it. It's a gorgeous, great chair.

It's surprisingly compact - even with all the stuff I had on the back (rucksack, feeding tube pump, ventilator) I was fine getting into lifts, and being midwheel drive it turned on a sixpence and was great in crowds.

As the pictures show, it reclines a long way. You can stretch your legs out, and tilt and recline back - great if you need to be changed in the chair.

It's very hard-wearing. I've flown internationally in it repeatedly, gone off-roading in the Yorkshire countryside, camped in a barn (so comfortable I could sleep in it), and we've had a very very happy life together - but it's time for my beautiful chair to find a new friend.

Who's it good for:
Because you can change cushion, backrest, headrest etc as your needs change, it's great for people with progressive conditions and it kept up with me for a long time before I needed to sell it.

The details:
0-50° of powered tilt
-5-30° of powered recline
Reclining (so when you recline they come with you) and flip-up (for sideways transfers) armrests
Lateral thigh guides
Independent leg rests with independent powered raisers, which swing away for standing, and which are quick release if you need them off
An R-Net controller
8mph 4-pole motors
A Jay-3 backrest and headrest
Lateral supports
This chair cost about £10,000 new (receipt available on request) - this is no Pride or Invacare TDX - the Salsa Jive M is a top of the range, high-speed, wide-ranging wheelchair, capable on all sorts of surfaces, and with kerbs and small steps. It's very discounted because I want to see it find a new home. 

Why am I selling:
Selling this chair was a really painful decision. I've loved it more than any wheelchair I've ever had, but as my needs have worsened, I've had to move over to a chair provided for wheelchair services. That chair is no more modular than this - and this chair could easily be adapted for very high levels of need, such as with ALS/MND or DMD - but I've found that I needed more support with both choosing and purchasing the things it needed to be right for me than I could manage on my own. As a result, I went back to a (worse, honestly) wheelchair services chair, so it could be set right for me.

I have an old manual wheelchair that I can no longer use, because of my postural and balance needs. The money I make from selling this chair is going to go right back into purchasing adaptions for that manual, so that I can be transported in it - meaning I could safely visit my mother's house - so I'm desperate to sell this, but want to see it go to a good home.

Any problems:
I would always want to be straightforward about what I was selling, especially to other wheelchair users. This chair hasn't been my primary chair since July 2020, and as a result while the batteries were fine when it was used a couple of months ago and it's been kept charging, they may need replacing at some point. The leg-rests also go up to sightly different heights when fully extended. There's cosmetic damage from bumps and bruises, and the headlights / rear lights (which used to stick way out on the sides) have been broken over time.

Essentially it's been very loved, and it's been used for 3 years, while I know of no major issues the chair is sold as seen and no refunds or returns are possible because the money will go straight on making sure I have a chair that meets my needs now.

Postage and delivery:
I haven't arranged delivery for this, but I'd be more than happy for you to arrange for it to be collected and packaged at your own cost, or for you to collect it. The dimensions for postage are a weight of roughly 200kg and 80cm wide, 110cm deep, and 120cm tall.

If you want to come and try it, that can be arranged.

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