Raizer 2 emergency lifting chair unique patient falls response device enabling a single carer to assemble the lift around the fallen person then using the remote controller lift them from the floor to a sitting or standing position safely and comfortably
I have used this at home and when I fell was able to call my relative to come and they were able to fit the lift around me and use the battery motorised lifting mechanism to lift me up. This has avoided me having to wait for the ambulance or fire services which I was having to do before I got this sometimes for hours. I no longer need this now as I have moved to a bungalow and my circumstances have changed mobility wise I t is in excellent condition, and can be carried in a car if you go away from home on holiday for example it will lift upto 150kg original cost was £3500 the whole lift can be put into the carrying bags it came with and it weighs approximately 13kg so I would prefer collection please

It is an excellent piece of equipment and can be used for an individual person or a care home, etc
Any questions please ask and there is lots of information available on the internet

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