The Raizer M LiftUp Chair is a chair which is assembled around a person who has fallen at home and which, with a mechanical winding lever lifts the person to a seated position.
It was bought new on 10th November 2023 after my husband fell twice at home. The Raizer M has only been used 3 times: twice, in order to assemble and try out (without a human using it) and the third time in order to take the photos for the sale.
My husband went into hospital on 15th November and passed away two days later therefore the equipment was never used to lift him.
Included in the sale are a headrest, cover for the seat and carrier for the assembly parts. Some retailers only the supply the chair and these other accessories have to be purchased separately. The manuals are all with the equipment and there are also online videos showing how to assemble and perform the the lift up.
For an additional cost, the Raizer M can be delivered by courier to any UK location.

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